About This Blog

This is a blog from the IFLA Management & Marketing Section.

The Management Skill Building Blog focus on building and sharing management skills among library professionals, in line with the need in the physical, digital and hybrid working environment.

The blog is developed so managers and professionals on the global LIS field, can connect, share stories and share knowledge within management and leadership. The blog can include short stories from managers, articles, lessons learned from example webinars and provide an opportunity to learn together, inspire and interact as you build your management skills.

Target groups for the blog are managers in different levels/positions, emerging library leaders and the library and information field as a whole.

The content of the blog and the managers providing content should reflect the global arena.

We believe that by strengthening management within the LIS field, we get stronger libraries and library professionals on a global level. This also benefits the library users and community as such, on both the global and local arena.

The Management Skill Building Blog is part of the work of IFLA Management & Marketing Section. Members of the Management Skill Working Group includes: Catharina Isberg (lead), Josephine Siegrist, Antoine Torrens-Montebello, Sandra Leknickienė (Renaldas Gudauskas), Azenath Ateka, and Cindy Hill.

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