Empowering Library Leaders and Diversity Worldwide- IFLA MLAS & IFLA NPSIG webinar series

This blog post gives a summary of the MLAS & IFLA NPSIG webinar series. The summary is written by Loida Garcia-Febo, International Library Consultant, IFLA MLAS Webinar Series Coordinator

IFLA’s Management of Library Associations Section (MLAS) in collaboration with the New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) launched a new webinar series to empower new library leaders worldwide and foster diversity within the profession.

Over the course of six webinars, library associations from countries in each Regional Division presented opportunities they provide for new and senior librarians including leadership opportunities and how these library associations foster diversity within the library profession and leadership. The webinar format included interactive conversations to engage attendees in conversations about those topics to elicit best practices and recommendations, and the needs of new and senior professionals.
The webinars featured library associations and librarians from all regions of the world as per IFLA Regional Divisions: Asia-Oceania. Europe. Latin America and the Caribbean. Middle East and North Africa. North America. Sub-Saharan Africa.

The insights gained from these webinars presented from March to June of 2022 will inform and enrich the MLAS Open Session at WLIC 2022 in Dublin which will focus on the same theme.

MLAS Webinars Working Group, IFLA New Professionals SIG leaders, IFLA Regional Division Chairs and leaders from the each one of the regions, IFLA Governing Board members from the regions, all worked tirelessly coordinating this webinar together with the webinar’s coordinator, Loida Garcia-Febo from MLAS.
Special recognition to Magdalena Gomulka, NPSIG Convenor who coordinated the multiple webinars tech aspects and the NPSIG team hosting the interactive conversations.

Analysis of the webinar’s presentations and interactive conversations until May indicate that across the regions, mentoring and coaching are best practices. Team building and leading in times of crisis are the top recommendations. Better communication and leadership trainings are the most mentioned needs.

A more in-depth analysis together with presentations from new and seasoned library leaders from library associations from different regions of the world will be presented at the Open Session of IFLA MLAS during the WLIC 2022 in Dublin:
Session 091 Empowering Library Leaders and Diversity Worldwide- July 27, 8:30 AM.
The aim of the session is to provide delegates with an insight into how Associations around the world are supporting leadership development in the library and information field. How do different countries or communities define ‘leadership’? How can we better support new and emerging professionals to take up leadership roles? How can we ensure that the leadership of our field is as open, inclusive and diverse as possible?

For more information and updates about each one of the webinars, please visit https://www.ifla.org/https-www-ifla-org-2022-webinar-series/

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