M&M 25th Anniversary Podcast – featuring Dr. Christie Koontz,

New! IFLA Management & Marketing 25th Anniversary Podcast

The Management & Marketing (M&M) 25th Anniversary Working Group is excited to release its first interview, featuring an interview with Dr. Christie Koontz, an early member of the section. Dr. Koontz, a longtime IFLA member, is a legendary figure in the library marketing world. She teaches marketing at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, and at San Jose State in California (United States). Dr. Koontz is a co-author, along with Lorri Mon, of “Marketing and Social Media: a Guide for Libraries, Archives, and Museums” and they released a 2nd edition of their book in 2020. Dr. Koontz was interviewed by M&M Secretary Jeannie Bail (Canada) in December 2022, and reflects on her involvement with the standing committee over the years and what led her to the field of marketing. 

About the podcast:

In honor of its milestone birthday, M&M is interviewing several of our past members who have made impactful contributions to the section through their work in support of the related areas of management and marketing. The goals of the oral history initiative are: 1. to celebrate 25 years of existence as an IFLA standing committee, and 2. to highlight significant work accomplishments and members of the section. 

Look for future episodes in 2023!

You can access the podcast interview via the below sites. It is available in both video and audio formats. Closed captioning is available via YouTube. 

Special thanks to Convenor Anna Maria Tammaro (Italy) and the Library History SIG and its Oral History working group for allowing M&M to develop and/or adapt documentation to ensure that interviews follow established IFLA standards and best practices. Also, a huge thank you to Dr. Raymond Pun (United States) of Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL), who has lent his considerable expertise to the project. Dr. Pun’s responsiveness, encouragement and thoughtful advice were much appreciated; he is the project lead of the CPDWL Podcast Project.

And, of course, many thanks to the entire M&M section, chaired by Anya Feltreuter (Sweden), and the dynamic 25th Anniversary working group. Members include: Jeannie Bail, Nick Boxem, Cindy Hill, Roxana Huaman Huriarte, Christie Koontz, Romeo Matumba and Hans Vigen. 

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